Decentralized casino & Layer 3 blockchain.

Non-custodial casino & blockchain

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Revolutionizing decentralized gambling with free bet placement and instant payouts on our own dedicated Layer 3 blockchain.

Free Bet Placement

Zero gas fees on bets transforms the decentralized betting experience into something more resembling a centralized casino where even the smallest bet sizes are viable and welcome.

Zero Fees & Zero House Edge

You pay zero fees on your winnings when betting with DGTX tokens and 3% fees on winnings when betting with ETH, USDC, USDT or ARB. Reduced fees when you hold a High Rollers NFT.

No KYC or Depositing Funds

No need for KYC, registration or depositing funds. You send your bets directly to our trustless smart contracts on the Digitex blockchain. It's impossible for us to hold back or steal your funds.

Layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup

The Digitex Blockchain

With our own Layer 3 chain, built using Arbitrum's battle-tested technology, players on Digitex enjoy free bet placement, instant transaction finality, dedicated blockspace for our games and Ethereum-level security.

Average block time
Transaction finality
< 250ms
Average transaction cost*
Gas token

DGTX Tokenomics

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Pay zero fees on your winnings when betting with DGTX tokens.

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Max Supply
Circ Supply
Market Cap
DGTX price
0% fees on DGTX Winnings
Bet with DGTX tokens and pay zero fees on your winnings, meaning there's no edge working against you.
Deflationary Tokenomics
1% of all non-DGTX winnings will be used to buy DGTX tokens from the circulating supply, half of which will be burned.
No more DGTX can be minted
The DGTX minting keys have been burned, meaning that it's impossible to mint any more DGTX ever again for any reason.
Real World Utility
DGTX's utility as a gambling token is backed by a decentralized casino and a blockchain that's custom-built for gambling.
100% of Supply in Circulation
100% of the Total Supply of DGTX tokens are already circulating - the project and team have no tokens to dump.
Greatest Comeback in Crypto?
The DGTX market cap reached over $100 million on three separate occasions in 2018, 2019 & 2020. Ready to try again?

BetFi: Be The House

Deposit your ETH, USDC, USDT, ARB or DGTX liquidity into the House Bankroll smart contract to earn your share of fees & gambling profits.

Digitex Roadmap

Development Roadmap

Digitex Roadmap

Digitex High Rollers Club

Pay reduced fees on your ETH, USDC, USDT & ARB winnings by holding a High Rollers NFT in your betting wallet.

The Digitex Protocol

A Decentralized Gambling Ecosystem

Digitex is a non-custodial set of smart contracts on a dedicated Layer 3 blockchain that trustlessly pays out the winners and automatically rewards the 3% fees on winnings to the liquidity providers, affiliate marketers, game developers and validators who power the protocol.

3% Fee on Winnings Is Split As Follows:

Shared proportionately with liquidity providers who act as the House
Spent on automated daily buy back of DGTX which is put into house bankroll
Spent on automated daily buy back of DGTX which is burned
Paid to the affiliate marketer or friend who referred the Player
Paid to the game developer whose UI the bet was placed through
Paid to the Digitex blockchain chain validators

Decentralized finance protocols like Digitex protect our users with the immutable and verifiable laws of code and mathematics that are consistently and predictably enforced in real-time. In comparison, the ambiguous and subjective laws of ignorant regulators don't protect anyone from anything, they just crush innovation and burden businesses with the crippling costs of compliance and paying tribute - costs which ultimately get passed on to the users they pretend to be protecting. We are proudly unregulated by these corrupt overlords and we reject both their authority and the notion of needing their permission to do anything.

Adam Todd
HMFIC at Digitex