How to Bridge Your DGTX Tokens To The Polygon Blockchain

Adam Todd

April 25, 2023

The DGTX Bridge is a set of smart contracts that allow you to bridge your DGTX tokens from the Ethereum blockchain over to the Polygon blockchain and back again. You can use the DGTX Bridge by clicking on the Connect button top right and connecting your Metamask wallet to the Digitex website.

It is a Proof of Stake bridge which means you lock up your DGTX tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and then the bridge mints the same number of DGTX tokens for you to use on the Polygon blockchain. The DGTX token smart contract address on Polygon is:


The whole time that your DGTX tokens exist on the Polygon blockchain, your DGTX tokens on Ethereum are locked up in the bridge smart contract and cannot be released. Now you can use your DGTX tokens on Polygon to bet on Digitex games and enjoy zero fees on winnings and zero gas fees on transactions with one-click bet submission.

If you want to switch your DGTX tokens back to the Ethereum blockchain for any reason, such as a price arbitrage opportunity for example, then you send your Polygon DGTX back to the bridge which burns them and then it unlocks your original DGTX tokens from the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that was keeping them locked up. Now that the Polygon versions of your DGTX have been burned and no longer exist you can have your original DGTX tokens back on Ethereum.

In this manner the DGTX bridge maintains a constant supply of DGTX tokens across both chains and makes it easy for users to enjoy all the benefits of using the Polygon blockchain whilst still keeping DGTX as an ERC20 Ethereum based token.

How To Use The DGTX Bridge

Simply connect your Metamask wallet containing your DGTX tokens to the Digitex website by clicking on the Connect button on the right side of the top menu. After you have connected your wallet, click on the big button called DGTX Bridge.

On the next panel that appears you will see your DGTX balance on the Ethereum blockchain and your DGTX balance on the Polygon blockchain. Make sure the Deposit button is selected because you are depositing DGTX from Ethereum to Polygon.

Enter the amount of DGTX that you want to deposit onto the Polygon blockchain and then click the Transfer button.

This will take you to a new panel that explains you are about to do 2 separate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain: the first transaction is to Approve the bridge to access your DGTX tokens in your wallet and the second transaction will send your DGTX tokens to the bridge smart contract to be locked up.

The panel will show you an estimate of the gas fees for each transaction. Depending on how busy the Ethereum network is, the total gas fees will cost anywhere between $4 to $20 to complete both transactions. (The equivalent transaction on the Polygon blockchain would only cost $0.01 in gas fees - this is an example of why we're using Polygon to run our games). You should really load up with as much DGTX as possible on the Ethereum side to mitigate the high gas costs of bridging them over to Polygon.

Click on the Continue button which will show another panel that confirms that you are about to bridge x number of DGTX to the Polygon blockchain and then click Continue again.

This will open your Metamask wallet where you will click Confirm to send the first Approve transaction. This transaction should confirm on the Ethereum blockchain within 30 seconds and then the DGTX Bridge panel will change to show your second transaction.

Click on Confirm which will open your Metamask wallet again and then Confirm the transaction in Metamask. This transaction should also confirm within 30 seconds but after it does you will still have to wait around 20-30 minutes for your DGTX tokens to be minted on Polygon and deposited into your Polygon wallet. You can see your Polygon wallet DGTX balance easily by switching the chain selector dropdown in the top menu to Polygon.

That's it. Your Ethereum DGTX have now been locked up in the bridge smart contract and the equivalent number of Polygon DGTX have been minted and deposited into your Polygon wallet and you are earning future airdrop rewards for as long as those Polygon DGTX are sitting in your Polygon wallet.


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