Digitex Runs on Polygon

Adam Todd

April 25, 2023

The DGTX token is a ERC20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. And while the Ethereum blockchain has proven itself to be secure and robust, it is a Layer 1 chain and therefore relatively slow with high transaction costs. 

For example, the Ethereum blockchain can only process around 15 transactions per second and a token transfer transaction can cost several dollars. This makes it impossible to run something like Digitex Games on the Ethereum chain because every bet placed is an on-chain transaction and it's simply too slow and way too expensive to do this. 

This is where Layer 2 solutions like Polygon come in to help. Polygon is a sidechain that is fully compatible with Ethereum, but it can handle 65,000 transactions per second and the average transaction costs half a cent. This makes it possible to run a betting platform where every bet placed is an on-chain transaction. Polygon transactions are still secured by the Ethereum blockchain so we're not compromising on security, we're just doing everything on a much faster sidechain before finally putting only the results on the Ethereum chain. 

This means that you must convert your DGTX tokens that are currently on the Ethereum blockchain over to the Polygon blockchain. Fortunately this is simple to do, and I built the DGTX Bridge so you can do it directly from the Digitex website. Simply connect your Metamask wallet by clicking on the Connect button in the top right menu and then click on the DGTX Bridge button, its all pretty easy to do.

The DGTX Bridge works by locking away your Ethereum DGTX tokens into a smart contract and then minting new DGTX tokens on the Polygon blockchain to replace them. You can then use these Polygon DGTX tokens to enjoy non-custodial, on-chain one-click bet submission with zero fees, zero gas fees and zero risk of counterparty default. 

If you ever want to move your DGTX tokens back to Ethereum then the bridge burns your Polygon DGTX tokens which then unlocks the same number of Ethereum DGTX tokens from the smart contract in which they were locked. But all the utility for DGTX is over on the Polygon blockchain so there's really not much point in doing this. After most of the DGTX tokens have been bridged over to Polygon they will probably stay there and liquid markets will form on Polygon Uniswap to buy and sell them, meaning that most people won't even need to use the DGTX Bridge to get Polygon DGTX tokens. 


HMFIC at Digitex

Adam Todd

I'm the lead developer at Digitex Games, peer-to-peer and non-custodial betting games on the Polygon blockchain where every bet you place is an immutable on-chain transaction.

Our provably fair games with guaranteed payouts will be the most entertaining betting games you've ever played. And if you bet with DGTX tokens, there's no house edge of any kind working against you.

And on the subject of betting - don't bet against the guy who just keeps showing up :)