Introducing the Digitex Layer 3 Blockchain

Adam Todd

September 17, 2023

In the realm of decentralized casinos, a common barrier has plagued the industry—gas fees that deter all but the wealthiest players. Digitex's founder, Adam Todd, recognized this issue and set out to redefine the landscape of decentralized betting. The solution? The Digitex Layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup blockchain, a groundbreaking innovation that holds the key to our platform's success.

Adam Todd's Vision

Adam Todd, the visionary behind Digitex, articulated the problem succinctly: 

"The problem with decentralized casinos is that they all suck. They're built on mainstream blockchains with prohibitively high gas fees that make them unviable for anyone except high rollers." 

This sentiment has echoed through the crypto community for years.

However, Adam didn't stop at identifying the issue; he set out to change it. With the development of our Layer 3 blockchain, Digitex achieved a remarkable feat—reducing gas fees to such an extent that we can subsidize them from our house profits. 

The result? A user experience like no other, where players pay zero gas fees on all bet transactions.

Bringing Decentralized Betting to the Masses

The Digitex mission is clear: to bring decentralized betting to millions of new users around the world, including those who can only afford to bet with $1. Adam envisions a future where decentralized gambling isn't just reserved for high rollers but is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

"The $1 players will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of non-custodial, decentralized gambling."

And it's all made possible because Digitex has developed its own Layer 3 Blockchain, powered by Arbitrum technology.

Chain Information:

Gas Token: ETH
Gas Base Fee: 0.01 Gwei
Average Transaction Cost: $0.001
Block Time: 250ms
Transaction Finality: Less than 250ms
Tech Stack: Arbitrum Orbit
Chain Type: Layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup
Layer 2 Parent: Arbitrum One
Layer 1 Parent: Ethereum
EVM Compatible: Yes
Node Staking Token: DGTX

The Digitex Layer 3 Blockchain: A Game-Changer

The Digitex Layer 3 blockchain represents a significant leap forward in the decentralized betting industry. It boasts several remarkable features that set it apart:

Cost-Efficiency: Gas fees on the Digitex blockchain are incredibly low, making it economically viable for even the smallest bettors. We're committed to subsidizing these fees from our profits, ensuring that players pay zero gas fees on their bet transactions.

Instant Transaction Finality: With transaction finality in less than 250 milliseconds, you can say goodbye to the frustrating wait times often associated with decentralized betting. Enjoy faster game results, quicker bet confirmations, and an overall smoother gambling experience.

Provably Fair Results: We use atmospheric noise from thunderstorms to generate truly random numbers, ensuring fairness in our games. This commitment makes decentralized betting accessible and inclusive for all players.

The Revolution Begins

Digitex's Layer 3 Arbitrum Rollup blockchain is more than just a technological advancement; it's a revolution in the making. By welcoming millions of new users to the world of decentralized gambling, we aim to redefine the way people gamble online. Our commitment to a fair, accessible, and cost-effective betting experience will set new industry standards. 

The future of decentralized gambling is almost her, and it's powered by the Digitex blockchain. We're excited to announce that the Digitex blockchain testnet is set to launch in Q4 2023. 

Stay tuned for all the exciting details as we revolutionize online gambling.


HMFIC at Digitex

Adam Todd

I'm the lead developer at Digitex, a decentralized casino and Layer 3 blockchain aiming to revolutionize online gambling.

With zero gas fees to place bets, Digitex will open up decentralized gambling to players of all sizes. And if you bet with DGTX tokens, you pay zero fees on your winnings.

And on the subject of betting - don't bet against the guy who just keeps showing up :)