Digitex: The Next Chapter

Due to our recent legal issues caused by our violation of a US law that applies to "national banks, federal savings associations, federal branches and agencies of foreign banks" that was passed 38 years before the existence of cryptocurrencies, we have no choice but to close down the Digitex website.

However, a European entity with no presence in the US has taken over the project and bought the technology and IP and is rebranding it as Rogue Chain. The new project will be governed by their community through the Rogue DAO.

The principal condition of the Rogue DAO taking over the project is that the Digitex community is looked after and benefits from this relaunch and rebrand. Therefore, if you own DGTX tokens you are invited to swap them 1:1 for ROGUE tokens and join the Rogue community. This token swap is a limited time opportunity that ends on June 1st 2024. Visit Claim ROGUE Tokens for more information.

If you own a Digitex High Rollers NFT you will be able to swap it for a Rogue High Rollers NFT. These new NFTs will be the same price as the old Digitex NFTs and will have the same maximum supply of 200. They will serve as node licenses to run a validator node on the Rogue Chain network, giving you the opportunity to earn generous rewards for validating transactions on the network. More information about this will follow in the coming months as the Rogue Chain mainnet launch gets closer.

We want to thank you for your support and loyalty to the Digitex project over the years. We are excited about the future of Rogue Chain and we hope you will join Rogue on this next step of the journey.